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The advertising media that consumers trust most

Which media do you trust the most? That trust varies from person to person on various mediums. It can be print media or online platform, Radio, or television. The majority of consumers in our country have the utmost trust in advertising. Advertisers utilize the reach of television platforms to create awareness, while print media helps consumers build the credibility of products or services. But which of these platforms succeeds in winning the trust of customers?

Celebrity effect: Most of our people, mesmerized by seeing their favorite celebrity in advertisements, According to the study. Which automatically grabs the attention and trust towards that particular brand’s product, which is about 70%.

Let’s explore the further reports,

According to one research, advertising on traditional media continues to gain high trust amongst consumers with newspapers. It is 86% emerging as the most trusted media platform, followed by 83% in TV and 83% in Radio.

Which sector carrying the most trust of consumers?

These are home care products (80%). Banking and financial services (BFSI) 77% and health products and services trust levels stood at 77%, followed by eCommerce (76%). Many factors play a mini but significant role in earning the trust of the consumer group, which is quality, no doubt, then engagement of advertisement, delivery of a message in an understandable yet creative manner. However, Customer reviews are a post-purchase thing, but it creates a massive difference to the future of the product. Because the purchase of product nowadays a lot more depended on positive and satisfactory reviews of customer.


So what are the barriers that come against winning the trust of the consumer?

So many misleading messages and advertisements revolve around us on different media platforms, which we can see on social media, which affects other genuine brands featuring on social media broadly. So, Social media is giving a hard fight against quack to earn the consumer’s trust by building credibility and satisfactory services. Word of mouth plays an essential role in building trust, which can only make by providing quality and ideal service.



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