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Instagram Marketing

Tips on Instagram Marketing

Marketing on Instagram is competitive. The tips below can help you promote your business well on the platform.


Why marketing on Instagram?

  • Instagram has more than a billion monthly active and over 500 million daily active users.
  • As happened with us, too, on average, a person spends about 30 minutes per day on Instagram.
  • 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business for sure.


Tips that help your business flaunt effectively on this popular platform called Instagram.


Set up business Profile:

– When you sign up for an account, keep it a business account.

– Fill in all the details that require in the profile set-up.

– Clearly define your business in a long story short, informative and to the point.

– Put your website or other platform links, contact etc.

– Keep your profile professional.


Know Your Audience:

– Research as much as you can about a business you want to grow and what others are doing on that, which means your competitors

– Try to showcase your business simply and understandably to the consumer.

– You can do lives occasionally to interact with your audience. This may be helpful to clear doubts of the audience and keep your business revolving around in their minds.


Visually appealing content:

– Try to make Gifs and short videos that are well-composed and informative.

– You can make Reels, quotes based images, and instructional posts related to your product.

– Create something that your audience feel worthy of sharing rather than just liking.

– Write a witty caption, and use hashtags wisely. You can create your own hashtag and use it in every post.

– Stay consistent in posting.

– Use your stories highlights to make your bio more attractive.


Set an Instagram Shop:

– You can showcase some of your products or newly launched products in the “Shop” section.

Through this, users can see products directly in your profile.


The right time to post:

– In the insight section, you can see when your post goes on high reach.

– According to that, you can post your upcoming content, which increases the chances to spread your post at maximum eyesight.


Collaboration with influencers:

– Teaming with an influencer can build your profile credibility and expose your brand to a new and broader audience.

– Influencer charges for their service based on the deliverables.


Quiz and giveaways:

– Giveaways always excite users, and that will help to promote your products.

For example, ask to tag 3 friends on this post, follow the account, and mention your id in their stories to win a giveaway.

– You can go for an interesting quiz too. For example, asking your audience to suggest the best caption or photograph for a particular product. This attracts people and increases your reach too.


These are the fundamental tips you should stick to for building a solid business profile. For more creative and digital marketing ideas, connect to RMM and be the highlight in your industry.

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