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Would OTT platforms outperform traditional media?

ott platforms in india


OTT platform massively influenced our lives. It changed consumer behavior, increased personalized experience, and has created creaky competition among traditional media platforms.

The enlarging digital platforms have raised questions about the distribution of viewership on traditional media with digital OTT platforms escalating growth. Brands and advertisers are studying this transformation and changing of content modification and exploring the metamorphosis in media.

The new global trend of digital platform consumption escalated especially during the pandemic. With the feature of personalization, the person can search for their favorite shows or movies from the safety of their homes.

Thus, the technology offers the marketers the best of both mediums, the pros of the programmatic and growing reach of streaming services as well. Considering the fact that, there has been a 200% increase in time spent on OTT, and the subscription revenues have gone up. The Ad revenue is set to increase 45% to 60% over the next decade, CTV is a pioneer and early adopter of OTT platforms in India.

So this is time if brands want to amplify their visibility to more consumers, they must adopt the use of media channels along with media strategies. These features like unique content strategies, personalized experience and, regional language choices will continue to open new doors for advertising.


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