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Celebrity Endorsement

Importance of having celebrity endorsement for a brand

Importance of having celebrity endorsement for a brand
In today’s world, brand awareness is created through influential celebrity endorsements that establish brands successfully. So what does celebrity endorsement mean?

Celebrity endorsement is a way of brand communication, advertising or marketing where celebrities use their reputation to promote selected products, certify the brand’s right and standpoint through enlarging their personality, fame, their status in society or proficiency in the domain to the brand.

Traditionally, celebrity endorsement was believed to deliver a well-defined difference in a market with a sharp rise in the local and international brands.

The celebrity power

In today’s social media-powered world, many celebrities are already established as a valuable brand, using platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, their everyday lives are shared on social media and their fans notice it all. So, build a functioning bond with your target audiences by harnessing this power of celebrities across social media.

In India, as a vast growing influencer marketing platform, Blogmint.com is a top content market to choose a blogger for your brand or product launch.

Audiences enjoy viewing a celebrity face on a product.

Based on a simple logic, people idolize celebrities. That’s when the target audiences are driven to buy the product directly or in the subliminal way as renowned people are viewed in advertisements.

To attract and engage consumers, Boost – India’s leading malt based chocolate food drink is endorsed by the famous cricketer- Virat Kohli. Seeing his face on the product packing gives immense joy to the consumers inspiring them to purchase and use the product.

People desire like being celebrities.

Many people are inspired by the reputation and success stories of the celebrities.

For example, when the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan endorsed Navratna oil, people all over India would want to buy Navratna oil as consumers think that since Amitabh Bachchan is in the ad or he is using the same oil too, it must be a product worth buying and consumers will buy whatever products celebrities use, hence the product sales increase in no time.

Audiences remember ads after viewing them.

When you watch TV or YouTube or when you scroll through magazines and see a celebrity in few ads, what sorts of emotions are happening in your mind?

Happy, sad or maybe even surprised! These ads will surely leave some kind of emotions; consequently, it will remind you the ads you viewed during the whole day.

Key reliability enrichments- have a celebrity associated with your brand.

  • A celebrity using or wearing your product or service gives quick credibility to your brand and boosts sales.
  • Your brand gains the media respect when a celebrity associated with it almost ensuring media coverage.
  • When you have a celebrity clientele, both consumers and retailers notice and count you on a serious note.
  • Celebrities validate trends from the design and style perspective.
  • They grab attention easily and get headlines beyond everything.
  • Great Return on investments for the brand endorsed.


So, it is true that celebrities promote your brand or product, their recommendation is influential and hence, it all shows the importance of having celebrity endorsement for a brand.

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