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Facebook Tests Adaptive Color Backgrounds for Profiles

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There is no doubt that 2020 is only a year for surviving. Everybody is changing the behavior in ways of living, so as our Facebook does. Facebook has been making various changes in its aesthetics. The traditional color scheme provided by FB till now is no longer going to be there the same.

According to a reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong by his discovery, Facebook is going to test the new option, which changes the background color of the user’s profile wall while using the mobile app. Once this experiment succeeds, this feature would reach out to the broader public. It would depend on the profile photo of the user, and the background would adapt the most dominant color from it. Thus, everyone would own their colored wall on their profile. May be users would most likely change their profile photo so that they get a suitable color palette, which would impact on user behavior quite a bit. Sounds Interesting, it would turn your regular Facebook browsing experience into a pleasing one.

On the other hand, many users may not like this change; that is why Facebook would make it optional if they float on it at all.

Do you know? These trial and error are not for the first time. Earlier in 2017, Facebook also tried colored background for the comment section, but it did not roll it out thoroughly. It is not wrong to guess that this trick would not roll out either. Whether people like it or not in starting, social media get going to make changes in their platforms, however.

Would it change the client’s involvement in more intrigue? Will it improve the incentive to utilize? Would profile views get a boost?

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