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Effect of digital marketing in small towns

Effect of digital marketing in small towns

Digital marketing is dominating the market now. Though the traditional advertising has not yet turned obsolete, the digital marketing is surpassing the traditional marketing.

Digital marketing refers to advertising through the digital means such as websites, social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube etc.) emails and so forth.

This is digital era and no one can deny the fact that there are immense possibilities in digital marketing. The social media marketing, the email marketing, affiliation marketing, the on-demand video streaming, the website, the SEO, the SEM etc. are the attributes of digital marketing.

Digital marketing has contributed a lot in changing the world. If we talk about shopping, technology has changed the complete essence of shopping. From offline shopping, shops have marked their presence on a virtual domain as well. Thus, digital shift is noticeable. The following are the effects of digital marketing on small towns:

Approach: With everything going digital it’s now easy for consumers to get the most of the resources available online. Where the physical barriers like roads and transportation hinder the path of advertising, it helps in approaching the far-flung consumers. Digital advertising is a boon for the marketers especially the small-scale businesses as they can tap their target audience easily.

According to the report in rural India, 78 million users or around 48% use the internet daily, while 140 million, or around 83%use the internet at least once a month.

The report mentions that internet growth in India is currently fueled by the rural sector, with the urban user base starting to show signs of levelling out.

Awareness: Consumers are aware of the alternatives available to them, due to the internet. Digital advertising just aims the potential customers making them aware of the product and services in the market thus the consumers get familiar with the opportunities and choices handy and take sensible decisions. With digital advertising, consumers of the rural area have gained awareness about the brands.

The central government expects to nearly double the number of existing Internet users in India by 2020 due to fast adoption of digital technology, according to the minister of communication Manoj Sinha.

Growth: The digital advertising has succoured the small-scale businesses in expanding their profitability by going online. Earlier the businesses in small town had the immense headache of advertising their business through traditional advertising including billboards, the magazine that was way too exorbitant, but digital marketing being cost efficient has contributed a lot to growth as now the reach becomes easy.

Contribution to the economy: With the possibility to set the business on virtual platform and availability of digital marketing, it’s now possible for even small residents to start their own ventures without any geographical barrier, which was impossible during the time of traditional advertising. The digital marketing act as a boon for rural marketers Furthermore it contributes to strengthening our economy. Increasing application of digital technologies can help India’s GDP to grow by $101 billion by 2020, global consultancy major Accenture said.

Entrepreneur: You even can start a new website and earn money through advertisements you show on your website, not just this freelancing comes intact with digital marketing. The digital marketing has escalated innumerable entrepreneurs in rural areas as cost of investment is not much.

Internet reaching every house where even roads don’t reach, people watch videos in their mobiles or laptops. It is the reason that tells why the brands will emphasize on digital marketing. So when a start-up defines its advertising plan it should tell its robust digital strategy. We can’t say just traditional advertising should be waved off because, after digital advertising, the traditional advertising comes into play. Thus it’s evident that both the marketing tactics go hand in hand.

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