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What is Plagiarism?

The word PLAGIARISM came from the Latin word ‘Plagiarius’, which means to kidnap. When someone uses any kind of content or work of another without giving them credit or mentioning the source correctly, then it will call plagiarism.


It is a form of intellectual or literary theft, and it is a punishable offence.


Types of Plagiarism



A type of plagiarism where the writer reuses the entire or the portion of previously written work and republish it.


Direct Plagiarism :

Using someone else’s content or ideas and claiming them as yours. When a person uses the word to word work of another person or association.


Mosaic Plagiarism:

This is also known as patchwork. It occurs when some part of another’s work or some phrases from a source is being copied without using quotation marks.


Accidental plagiarism:

This occurs unintentionally. It means plagiarizing content due to a lack of proper citations or wrong citations, neglecting to cite the source, or reordering the combination of words used in the original work.


Paraphrasing plagiarism:

When someone’s work is too close to the original work. When proper credit is not given to the original author and rephrasing words or shortening of original content.


The consequences of plagiarism are affected on goodwill and name of a company or brand. To avoid it, it is mandatory to give credits, mention sources, provide citations etc. There are many tools to check whether the content is plagiarized or not, like Plagiarism checker, Grammarly plagiarism checker, and small SEO tools. These tools could be a great help to find whether the content is plagiarized or not and punish or take legal action against the other person or a company.

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