About Founder

Darshak Lakdawala is the Founder & Managing Partner of Resources Media Management. Before co-founding Resources Media, he has spent 14 years in the media industry. He worked for brands such as Times Of India, Aajtak (TV Today Network), Big 92.7 FM & Radio City 91.1 FM. During his professional life, he has been instrumental in creating media campaigns for Badshah Masala, Hi-tech, Dinesh Mills on Aajtak at National level & at local level and also have worked across categories like F & B, Jewellery, Real Estate, Consumer Goods, Auto, IT and many more. During his professional career he has been awarded as CEO award, Best Market Head award & Best Station – Sales award.

About Managing Partner

Jayesh Dhanani is the Managing Partner of Resources Media Management. Being the managing partner, his portfolio isn’t limited to a particular industry. He has a wide experience of working in industries such as IT, F & B, Auto, Jewelry, Real Estate, Government and many more. With his sound understanding, in-depth knowledge and perceptive vision he has worked at Indian Express for one year. He also has excellent experience of working at Radio City for 7 years and at My FM for 10 months.
He has been awarded the ‘Employee of the month’ and ‘The Employee of the
Year’ awards in his professional career.


Our Story

The journey started in the city of Sun – Surat in September 2014, but the dream was born long ago. The dream was to generate awareness about advertising and provide best solutions for brand communication so that they can boom. The inventive head thought that let’s fulfil all the communication for resources of the brands and that’s how the creative name took birth which came out to be called as RESOURCES MEDIA MANAGEMENT.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best platform for brands to grow and create a space in the mind of consumers through effective media strategies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to communicate that advertising & branding is an investment and will help clients to build the organization in terms of market share and consumer preference.