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7 Benefits of outdoor Advertising

A type of advertising that reaches to a consumer when they are outside of the home. When it comes to outdoor advertising, the phrase old is gold fits the best. As it is the most traditional form of advertising that still trends.

Types of outdoor advertising:

Outdoor advertising is presented in various forms and sizes.

  • Billboards are jumbo hoardings you have often seen on highways, commercial areas or on the roads where heavy traffic lies.
  • Street furniture includes bus benches, news racks, bus shelters, etc.
  • Transit advertising is advertising on the movable type media like on sides of buses, taxis, cars, vans, etc.
  • Flatulent balloons containing a brand name or a logo, or a product logo floated from tall buildings also outdoor advertising known as sky advertising.
  • The digital billboard is digital boards and screens used to serve up content. Usually seen at shopping malls, airports, movie theatres.


Benefits of outdoor advertising:


No hurdles between customer and advertisement

Outdoor advertising catches the attention and keeps the product in the viewer’s memory throughout their journey. It can be seen anytime throughout the day.

Great visibility

Since hoardings are eye-catching and huge that cannot avoidable and you have guaranteed audience. Advertise placed on roads contains heavy traffic can give your product plenty of glances. It increases the recognition of your brand and creates awareness regarding your brand.

Leaves an impression

If your advertising is unique enough, it will leave a lasting impression on customers mind and they will remember you. The more creative the message is, the more memorable it will be.

Talk of the town

When people see something interesting and humorous, they talk to others about it. To engage them emotional hook is the key. And they will be marketer themselves for your brand.


Facts and facts:

A report from e-marketer OOH (out of home) advertise spend grew 4.6% in 2018.

According to their report, OOH is expected to grow 10% per year between 2018 and 2021. And the digital share of total OOH spends reached 37% in 2018.

According to airoutdoor.co.uk,

OOH, ads are capable of driving a 38% Increase in mobile engagements with Brands.

56% of customers talk openly about a funny billboard or OOH advertise that they have seen.

71% of consumers often look at the advertising on roadside hoardings.

Billboards marketing costs 80% less than television marketing.

For achieving these benefits, all you need is to hire a professional branding agency.  Click to know in detail how the branding agency works.


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